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Recorded Legacy

Listings of recordings

Version: June 12, 2018

Lists of Recordings

Compiled by Dr Rob Kruijt, The Netherlands

General list, sorted on: composer + work + record date

  1. All known recordings
  2. Chronological list of Recordings

Lists per Orchestra, sorted on: composer + work + record date

  1. Concertgebouw Orkest Amsterdam
  2. Bamberger Symphoniker
  3. Berliner Philharmoniker
  4. Radio - Symphonie Orchester Berlin
  5. Staatskapelle Dresden
  6. Philharmonisches Staats Orchester Hamburg
  7. London Philharmonic Orchestra
  8. London Symphony Orchestra
  9. Sinfonie Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
  10. Wiener Philharmoniker
  11. Wiener Symphoniker

Lists per Recording Company, sorted on: composer + work + record date

  1. Commercial Recordings made for Acantha
  2. Commercial Recordings made for Deutsche Grammophone
  3. Commercial Recordings made for EMI
  4. Commercial Recordings made for Eterna
  5. Commercial Recordings made Eurodisc
  6. Commercial Recordings made for Orfeo
  7. Commercial Recordings made for Philips
  8. Commercial Recordings made for Telefunken
  9. Non-Commercial, Broadcasted recordings

Lists selected according to various criteria, sorted on composer+work+record date

  1. Missing Items from my Collection
  2. Recordings with Instrumental Solists

Various Lists

  1. Orchestras conducted by Eugen Jochum

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