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Commercial Recordings made for Eurodisc

Version: January 8, 2018

24+Beethoven, L. van Ouverture Coriolan BambS1985-10-21/26 CD D
29+Beethoven, L. van Ouverture Egmont BambS1985-10-21/26 CD D
34+Beethoven, L. van Ouverture Fidelio BambS1985-10-21/23 CD D
36+Beethoven, L. van Ouverture Leonore I BambS1985-10-21/26 CD D
43+Beethoven, L. van Ouverture Leonore III BambS1985-10-21/26 CD D
46+Beethoven, L. van Ouverture Prometheus BambS1985-10-21/26 CD D
48+Beethoven, L. van Ouverture Ruinen von Athen BambS1985-10-21/26 CD D
376+Mozart, W.A. Serenade KV 250 "Haffner" BambS1986-04-26/30 CD D
381+Mozart, W.A. Serenade KV 525 "Eine kl. N"BambS1986-04-30 CD D
394+Mozart, W.A. Symphonie nr. 33 KV 319 BambS1985-07- CD D
400+Mozart, W.A. Symphonie nr. 35 KV 385 BambS1984-10-18/20 CD D
405+Mozart, W.A. Symphonie nr. 36 KV 425 BambS1985-07- CD D
408+Mozart, W.A. Symphonie nr. 38 KV 504 BambS1984-10-20/23 CD D
485+Strauss, R. Don Juan op. 20 BambS1984-02-27 CD D
490+Strauss, R. Rosenkavalier op.59 Walzer 1BambS1984-03-02 CD D
493+Strauss, R. Rosenkavalier op.59 Walzer 2BambS1984-03-02 CD D
501+Strauss, R. Till Eulenspiegel op. 28 BambS1984-02-28/29 CD D

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