7. Max Reger's last day - 2

2. The house of Hinrichsen

From 20 to 21:45 Reger visited his friend Henri Hinrichsen, Talstraße 10. He dined there and left in a very good mood, as Hinrichsen wrote to Elsa Reger shortly after (Popp & Shigihara 1995, Peters correspondence, p. 649, 650). He was accompanied by the 16 year old Max Hinrichsen (ibid. p. 20).

The horror that should came over Henri Hinrichsen and his family during the years 1938-1942 is so gruesome, that what happened to Max Reger on the evening that these old friends parted seems in comparison a blessing.
Forunately, the house of Hinrichsen / Peters Verlag still exists in Leipzig. Currently, it is being restored and a special place is reserved for the remembrance of Edvard Grieg, who was a friend of Henri Hinrichsen of old.

Both in the case of Max Reger and Edvard Grieg, the name of Henri Hinrichsen appears out of history as written in eternal golden letters.

The house of Henri Hinrichsen, Talstraße 10 in Leipig