Introduction Georg Sigismund Caspari

Under construction: trying to contribute to a worklist of Georg Sigismund Caspari (16??-1741).

As I am still collecting photo's, stop-lists, CD's and publications about Georg Sigismund Caspari, I would ask all readers if they can sent me references, pictures or information or provide references to interesting sites.

Prelimnary list of organs of Georg Sigismund Caspari:

Königsberg Burgkirche 1726 New
Preußisch Eylau Ev. Pfarrkirche 1730 ? New
Königsberg, Schloßkirche Königsberg, Schloßkirche 1731-1732 New
Schaaken Kirche 1734 New
Königsberg Neuroßgärter Kirche 1734-1737 Change and extension
Döbern Kirche 1737 New
Königsberg Französisch Reformierte Kirche 1739 New

Do you have any other pictures or information about Georg Sigismund Caspari and his organs? Please send me E - mail:

about Caspari-organs to: Dr Rob Kruijt, The Netherlands.

Last update: December 3, 2006