Königsberg, Französisch Reformierte Kirche

(Kalinigrad, RU)

Königsberg, Französisch Reformierte Kirche

The organ of the Französisch Reformierte Kirche was completed in 1739 (BOETTICHER 1897: 149) but the organ builder remained unknown. In view of the year of completion, this organ could only have been built by a pupil of Mosengel (maybe his son Gabriel Julius) or by Georg Sigismund Caspari. That the organ builder worked in the Mosengel-tradition is illustrated by the painted labia of the front-pipes. Surely, Adam Gottlob Casparini was not the builder, as he only started his activities after receiving the Royal Privileg in 1741.

Mr. Krzysztof Urbaniak was so kind as to provide me with a very interesting source with information about this organ (GÜTTLER 1925: 78) and also sent me a transcript. The translation is my own:

Of the smaller works, the organ of the Französisch-reformierten Kirche in the Königstraße (1736-39) has remained in its original state. The console (1 Manual, 1 Pedal) is placed behind the organ, and a whole is present so that the organist can follow what is happening at the Altar-table.

The church was bombed in 1944 and demolished afterwards.

The stop-list after GÜTTLER (1925: 78) (in present-day language):

Manual Pedal Nebenregister
Principal 8 Violon 16 Manual Ventil
Salicet 8 Octav 8 L'etoile de Cimble (= Cymbelstern)
Floet douce 8 Octav 4 Tremolant (ganze Orgel ?)
Undamaris 8 Posaun 16 Aeolus (= Calcantenruf ?)
Octav 4 Trompet 8 Le vent sen va (= Sperrventil ?)
Floet douce 4
Quint 3
SuperOctav 2
Mixtur 4 fach
Clarino 8

The console, with the hole to look to the Altar-table.

Königsberg, console of the organ of the Französisch Reformierte Kirche