Königsberg, Schloßkirche

(Kaliningrad, RU)

Königsberg, Schlo▀kirche with Organ at the South

The organ of the Schloßkirche in Königsberg was built by Georg Sigismund Caspari in 1731 - 1732.

In 1893 it was replaced by a new organ by Max Terletzki, but the facade was partly re-used. At the same occasion, the organ was moved from the second balcony on the south side to the first balcony on the north side. Unfortunately some parts of the facade were removed, resulting in a much less beautiful solution. The original solution was a much more harmonious addition to the gothic structure of the Ordenskirche, conforming itself to the two-aisled church.
For comparison see the photo's below. On the first photo, the original pipes of Caspari are still present.

In 1934, Furtwängler & Hammer, Hannover built a new organ using the old facade again. In this form, the organ was destroyed ten years later during the heavy bombings on Königsberg (RENKEWITZ & JANCA 1984:58-59).

Königsberg, Schlo▀kirche, organ original on the south side (1898)

Königsberg, Schlo▀kirche, organ changed on the north side (ca. 1934)