Döbern, Kirche

(Dobry, PL)

Döbern, Kirche

This organ was built in 1737 (DEHIO 1993: 149). Both DEHIO (1993: 149) and MOTUZAITE-PINKEVIVIENE (2006: 15) attribute the organ to Casparini, but RENKEWITZ & JANCA (1984: 112 note 6) refer to Georg Sigismund Caspari as the builder.

Probably, it had around 10 stops and 1 manual, with or without a pedal department.

The instrument is still extant, at least the facade. MOTUZAITE-PINKEVIVIENE 2006 discusses this organ in her book about Casparini. Unfortunately, she did not find the reference to Caspari in RENKEWITZ & JANCA (1984).