Görlitz, Peter - Paulkirche

Görlitz, Organ of Peter-Paulkirche

This famous organ was built by Eugenio and Adam Horatio Casparini in the years 1697-1703. The possibility that Andreas Silbermann helped with the building of this organ and so would became aquinted with the Italian-based voicing-techniques of Eugenio Casparini (see MATHIAS & WORSCHING 1960) is considered a hoax, following SCHAEFER (1984: 45-46).

Sauer built a new organ in the old case in 1928 and melted down all Casparini pipes, save a few (see below). In FLADE 1926 (opposing page 4) is a photograph of the organ with the old facade-pipes still in place. This same photograph is also used in FLADE 1953 (opposing page 38). Sauer's organ in its turn was demolished around 1990.

The organ-case contains at present only a few pipes from Casparini, among which the "Onda maris" and the Mixtur X from the pedal. According to FALKENBERG 1998: 88, in 1928 the original pipes of the former Tromba 8 were also re-used and it is to be expected that they will still be present.

A new organ was built by Mathis (Näfels, CH) in 1995 - 1997. No attempt was made to reconstruct a Casparini-instrument (see SONNENORGEL 1997: 64). In view of all too few remnants of any instruments of the Casparini-dynasty, this seems a wise decision.
A nice touch was given to the new instrument by adding some Casparini-like "Spielregister". The "Onda maris" also is speaking again, and the large "Sonnenmixtur" has been restored in 2004.
Presently, several CD recordings of this organ are available.
Descriptions of the organ, stop-list and the restoration can be found on various sites.

Görlitz, Console

This organ is now the most easternward organ of Germany. For the Casparini-family as a whole this is symbolic. Below a view of the St. Peter and Paul, lying at the Görlitzer or Lausitzer Neisse, as seen from the now Polish side of Görlitz (Zgorzelec). Görlitz is a real treasure of historical buildings. Worth a visit!

Görlitz, Peter-Paulkirche