(Krylowo, RU)

Nordenburg, Kirche

This organ was built by A. G. Casparini (BACHTIN & DOLIESEN 1998: 80) in 1770 (Mr. Walter Mogk 2006: pers. comm.). Probably, it had around 20 stops, on the photo 1 manual is visible, probably a small pedal department was also present. The resemblance to the organ in Germau is unmistakble, both organs were built around the same time. None of these were mentioned by MOTUZAITE-PINKEVIVIENE (2006) in her Casparini-worklist, however.

I have no further information about this instrument other than that it is does not exist anymore, lying in the now Russian part of Ostpreußen.

Nordenburg, a village with ca. 3000 inhabitants in 1939, was not mentioned in DEHIO (1993).
A website about Nordenburg was maintained by Mr. Walter Mogk, who was so kind as to provide me with the building year of the organ.