(Satoczno, PL)

Leunenburg, Pfarrkirche

This organ was built by A. G. Casparini in 1745 (DEHIO 1993: 360). Probably, it had 11 stops, 1 manual and pedal (MOTUZAITE-PINKEVIVIENE 2006: 16). I have no further information about this instrument, other than that it is still extant! Below a part of the photo enlarged.

Leunenburg, Organ of the Pfarrkirche

A more recent picture (below) shows that the facade underwent several changes since the above picture was taken. The pipes were exchanged (most likely removed and reconstructed), the eagle on top of the case was removed, as is the case with the statues on the side-towers. Finally, the case received another colour.

Leunenburg, Organ of the Pfarrkirche