(Russkoye, RU)

Germau, Evangelische Kirche

This organ was built by A. G. Casparini in 1767 (DIGNATH & ZIESMANN 1987: 52; BACHTIN & DOLIESEN 1998: 53). Probably, it had around 20 stops, 1 manual and a small pedal department was no doubt also present. The resemblance to the organ in Nordenburg is visible, both organs were built around the same time. None of these were mentioned by MOTUZAITE-PINKEVIVIENE (2006) in the worklist, however.

I have no further information about this instrument other than that it is does not exist anymore, lying in the now Russian part of Ostpreußen.

The church was rich in beautiful old paintings. A set of pre-1945 colour-photo's can be viewed at: