(Barciany, PL)


This organ was built by A .G. Casparinini 1750, has 12 stops, 1 manual and pedal. I received the photograph above through the kindness of Mr. Herbert Müller (Siegen). The current stop-list has been published on PWCO 2006.

The stop-list according to the contract (JANCA 2003: 149-150) was:

Bordun 16
Prinzipal 8
Unda Maris 8
Flöte 8
Quintatön 8
Octava 4
Flöte 4
Quinta 3
Superoctava 2
Tertia 1 3/5
Mixtur III
Trompet 8

In July 2006, Mr. Krzysztof Urbaniak (Stuttgart) studied the original documentation about the organ as has been preserved by the church. Subsequently, he published a detailed history of the organ, illustrated with many photo's of the original Casparini-pipes.