Hirschberg, Kath. Pfarrkirche

(Jelenia Gora)

Hirschberg, Katholische Pfarrirche

This organ was completed by A.H.Casparini in 1706. His father Eugenio was still alive, but died in 1706 during the building of the organ. Probably, this organ reflected in its original state more of Eugenio Casparini than it did of Adam Horatio. The organ had 43 stops, 3 manuals and free pedals. According to MEYER 1757:49-50 it had 38 stops, however his stop list contains 46 stops. The connection with the fassade of the organ in Görlitz is evident.

Fortunately, Hirschberg was unaffected by the heavy losses of WWII, because of its sheltered position in the neighbourhood of the Riesengebirge. The organs of Hirschberg still exist. This includes the Röder organ of the Ev. Gnadenkirche.

The Casparini-organ of the Katholische Pfarrkirche is in the state it was left by the firm Berschdorf after the rebuilding in 1938. It now has pneumatic action and a typical romantic but weak sound. A recording was published as part of a 2-LP set by Dabringhaus & Grimm (MD+G O 1135/36 reissued on CD as MDG 319 0135-2): Orgellandschaft Schlesien: Heinz Bernhard Orlinski playing works of Niepel and Dercks). In sound and in picture (below): the desolate ruins of what once was a respectable organ need no further comments.

Hirschberg, Katholische Pfarrirche, Ruins

It is only to be hoped for that at least some of the stops of Casparini were re-used. To contribute to an inventarisation, stops which occur under the same name as they used to exist in the Casparini-organ are marked with an asterisk. This excludes the (obvious replaced) Prinzipalen and Oktaven. This adds to a total of 13, which is, in my opinion, an unlikely high number, considered the unscrupulous practices of pre-war German organ-builders.

The stop-list of the Casparini instrument was as follows:

Hauptwerk Oberwerk Unterwerk Pedal
Prinzipal 8 Prinzipal 4 Prästant 8 Majorbaß 16
Bordun 16 * Flöte 8 * Bordunflöte 16 Violon 16
Quintatön 16 * Salizet 4 Flaut major 8 Subbaß 16 *
Praestant 8 Oktave 2 Quintatön 8 Oktavbaß 8 *
Rohrflöte 8 Quinte 1 1/3 * Prinzipal 4 Flautbaß 8 *
Fugara 8 * Scharf II Flaut minor 4 Quintbaß 5 1/3
Gambe 8 * Zimbel II Gemshorn 4 * Violabaß 4
Salizet 8 Quinte 2 2/3 * Posaune 16
Nasat 5 1/3 * Oktave 2 Fagott 16
Oktave 4 Mixtur III Trompete 8
Flaut minor 4 Oboe 8 *
Quinte 2 2/3
Oktave 2
Mixtur IV
Sesqualter II

Hirschberg, Katholische Pfarrkirche, Detail

Between June 2006 and 2009 the organ case has been restored to its former glory with help of the Ministry of Culture. See the photograph below for the splendid results of the Polish artists!

Hirschberg, Katholische Pfarrkirche, Detail of the restored fassade.