Breslau, St. Bernhardin


Breslau, St. Bernhardin

This organ was built by A.H.Casparini in the years 1706-1709. The organ had 31 stops, 2 manuals and free pedals.
The organ apparently did not live up to expectations at the time of building, considering the fame that was attached to the name Casparini and the many complaints which were made soon after its completion. Not before a large correction in 1728, did Casparini earned the compliments from the officials, he himself thought he had deserved already in 1709.

Church and organ were destroyed in 1945.

The stop-list was published by MEYER (1757: 16-17). This list contains several errors:

A partial explanation could be that a Quint 3 is missing from the list. The errors are not corrected in the citation here.

The "Zinck II" should be a "Zünck II", which is another name for a Sesquialtera.
A Gemshorn 3 was also found in the organ in Wohlau.
The citation here uses a changed sequence.

Hauptwerk Rück-Positiv Pedal
Quintadena 16 Prinzipal 4 Principal von Zinn 16
Violon-Baß 16 Quintadena 8 Sallicional 16
Principal von Zinn 8 Floete Major 8 Octava 8
Wald-Floete 8 Floete Minor 4 Quintadena 8
Flaut Doux 8 Gemshorn 3 Super Octava 4
Salicet 8 Super Octava 2 Super Octava 2
Octava 4 Super Octava ? 2 Wald-Floete 2
Nachthorn 4 Mixtura III Mixtura V
Spitz-Floete 3 ? Zinck II Posaunen 16
Mixtura IV Tromba 8
Cimballo II
Vox Humana 8

The organ had also Tamburo, Copula, Sperr- Ventil and Nachtigall.

The organbuilder Ludwig Hartig made considerable changes to the organ in 1828-1831. This rebuilding was started by Joh. G. B. Engler, but after he died, Hartig took over. Only the facade-pipes, Pedal Principal and several tin-pipes remained (BURGEMEISTER 1973: 176).
The resulting stop list was written down in 1831, when the organist Adolph Friedrich Hesse (1809-1863) came back to Breslau. Cited after KOOIMAN (1995), it was as follows:

Hauptwerk Oberwerk Pedal
Quintatön 16 Prinzipal 8 Majorbaß 32
Quintatön 8 Flaut amabile 8 Principal 16
Principal 8 Salicet 8 Subbaß 16
Flaut major 8 Oktave 4 Violon 16
Spitzflöte 8 Flaut minor 4 Major-Quint 12
Gemshorn 4 Quinta 2 2/3 Violon 8
Doppelflöte 4 Doppelflöte 8 Quintatön 8
Superoctave 2 Mixtur IV Superoctave 4
Quinta 2 2/3 Cymbel II Posaune 16
Superoctave 2 Oboe 8 Trompete 8
MixturV V
Cymbel II
Trompete 8

Breslau, St. Bernhardin