Löwen, Evangelische Kirche

(Lewin Brzeski)

This organ was completed by A.H.Casparini in 1737. The organ had 22 stops on 2 manuals and free pedals.
It is unknown to me what became of this instrument, it probably was destroyed in the fire of th church that befell it in 1761.
The present remnants of an organ in this now defunct and neglected church are certainly from a later date.

The stop-list of the Casparini-instrument follows MEYER (1757:60). Remarkable is the presence of 2 Quintes 3 but no Lingual 8 or 16 in the Pedal.

Manual Anderes Clavier Pedal
Principal 8 Principal 4 Principal offen von Holtz 16
Salicional 8 Gedackte Flaute 8 Quintadena oder Viola di Gamba 16
Gembshorn 8 Quintadena 8 Pommer 16
Flaute Major 8 Flaue allemande 4 Octava 8
Oktava Principal 4 Wald-Flaute 2 Super Octava 4
Flaute Minor 4 Scharff oder Zünk II Quinta III (=3?)
Quinte 3
Super Octav 2
Mixtura IV
Vox humana (labial?) 8