Woitsdorf, Kr. Oels, Parochialkirche


Woitsdorf kr. Oels, Parochialkirche

This organ was completed by A.H.Casparini in 1727. The organ had 13 stops on 1 manuals and free pedals.
Currently, the organ has 2 manuals and free pedals, a result of a 19th or 20th century rebuilding. The instrument is in a deplorable state with most or all of the metal pipes having been removed.

The last stop-list of the instrument (quoted from: Musicam Sacram) was:

Hauptwerk Oberwerk Pedal
Principal 8 Pincipal 4 Subbass 16
Hohlflöte 8 Flöte 8 Violon 16
Gambe 8 Flöte 4 Flautbass 8
Octave 4 Salicet 8 Octavebass 8
Quint 2 2/3 Aeoline 8 Fugara 4
Oktave 2 Nazart 2 2/3
Mixtur IV
Cimbel II

Calcanten Ruf, Wind Anzeiger, Manual Coppel, Hauptwerk Sperrventil, Oberwerk Sperrventil

Woitsdorf kr. Oels, Parochialkirche