Ohlau, Evangelische Kirche


Ohlau, Evangelische Kirche

This organ was completed by A.H.Casparini in 1712. It contained 22 stops at the time of completion. The facade bears some resemblance to the Italian organ case of his father's organ in Maia Bassa, an organ in which Adam Horazio was no doubt involved, being 20 years old at that time.<
The photo was kindly provided by Mr. H. Müller, Siegen./P>

The organ in Ohlau still exists. Any recent information is lacking as HERBST 1988 was not available to me.

The stop-list is cited after MEYER 1757: 73 (he refers to the "Pfarrkirche"). Where Meyer refers to a Rück-Positiv, I replaced this with Positiv, as the Organ has no Rückpositiv.
Notable are the stops "Violeta" and the Sequialtera which is cited as having only 1 rank.

Hauptwerk Positiv Pedal
Principal 8 Principal 4 Principal 16
Quintaena 8 Nachthorn 4 Octava 8
Salicionall 8 Violeta 2 Superoctava 4
Vox humana (labial?) 8 Mixtur II Posaune 16
Octava 4 Helle Cimbel II Mixtura IV
Gembshorn 3 Tamburo
Super Octava 2
Quintina 1 1/2
Mixtur III
Cimballo II
Sesquialtera I