Breslau, Adalbertkirche


Breslau, Adalbertkirche

This organ was completed by A.H.Casparini in 1737. The organ had 22 stops on 2 manuals and free pedals. The organ was in chamber pitch, which made it a relatively expensive instrument (615 Floren Rheinl., without the case). The stoplist is cited fom MEYER 1757 (page 17).

The stop-list of the Casparini instrument was as follows:

Ober-Werck Rück-Positiv Pedal
Principal 8 Pincipal 4 Principal Baß 16
Flaut major 8 Copula major 8 Sub Baß gedackt 16
Quintadena 8 Copula minor 4 Pommer Baß 16
Salicet offen 8 Octava 2 Octav 8
Octava 4 Mixtura IV Super Octav 4
Flaut douce 4 Huboi 8 Posaune 8
Quinta 3
Super octava 2
Mixtura V
Cornet III

The stoplist resembles that of the organ in the 11.000 Jungfrauenkirche.

BURGEMEISTER (1973: 231) mentiones that a new organ was built in the old case: "1835-37 entstand eine neue Orgel mit 24 Stimmen für die Kirche St. Adalbert in Breslau, wobei M. (= Moritz Robert Müller) das ältere Gehäuse samt dem Rückpositiv weiter verwendete."

The organ and other interior parts were destroyed in 1945. The church has been restored and the interior was completed with furniture and altars from discarded Evangelical churches in Silesia.

Breslau, Adalbertkirche