Breslau, Elisabethkirche: choir-organ

Now in Wroclaw, Oratorium Marianum

Breslau, Elisabethkirche: choir-organ, restored state

Breslau, Elisabethkirche: choir-organ, restored state

This organ was built by A. H. Casparini in 1717 with 13 stops, 1 manual and pedal. The stop-list as presented here was kindly provided by Mr. Jan Adamus (Wroclaw). An article by his hand about this instrument has been published in Organ (ADAMUS 2000) and together with the restaurator Richard Jacoby in Ars Organi (ADAMUS & JACOBY 2000).

Breslau, Elisabethkirche: choir-organ, former state

The photograph above (below is a magnification) is from the old situation in the Elisabethchurch. Originally, the organ was placed before the High Altar, but moved later on to the south aisle of the church, where this picture was taken. Expanded in the 19th century (the part behind the original case; some pipes are seen protruding from the case), it was erroneously described as a 19th century organ and no-one paid much attention to it. Therefore, it was ruined (photograph further below). The organ survived the fire of the Elisabeth church in 1976. For this information, I am indebted to Prof. Tadeusz Piotrowski of the University of Wroclaw. The colour photographs were made by Mr. Michal Markuszewski (and published by Mr. Stanislaw Klimek in DZIURLA 1999).

Breslau, Elisabethkirche: choir-organ, former state

The organ has been moved (after the fire) to the auditorium of the University of Wroclaw. It turned out that the organ could easily be restored to its original state and has consequently been repaired in 1999 by Richard Jacoby (Kassel). Some of the pipes which were too much distorted, had to be reconstructed.

Breslau, Elisabethkirche: choir-organ, distorted pipes

As far as I know of, this is the first time that a Casparini organ has undergone a restoration since WWII. The information which will be derived from this work is an important contribution to the History of European Organ building. Hopefully, a CD with recordings from this important little organ will be released soon.

Breslau, Elisabethkirche: choir-organ, organ case detail

The stoplist as it is now:

Prinzipal 8
Qunta Dena 8
Octava 4
Flöttna 8
Flöttna 4
Qünta 3
Super octt 2
Vox humana 8
In Cammerton:
Flöttna 8
Flöttna 4
Principal 4

Breslau, Elisabethkirche: choir-organ, restored state

The organ at its original place, before the Altar in the Elisabethkirche

Breslau, Elisabethkirche: choir-organ at its original place before the Altar