Wohlau, Evangelische Kirche


Wohlau, Evangelische Kirche

This organ was built by A.H.Casparini in the years 1715-1717. The organ had 19 stops, 2 manuals and free pedals. The connection between the central part of the fassade of this organ and the drawing of the organ in Sagan are undeniable.

Util recently, this was the accepted status of the instrument, based on information provided by polish authors:
In 1781, the organ was repaired after a fire in the church and subsequent collapse of the west-tower. Fortunately, the organ was not destroyed in 1945. After the war the case was restored very carefully, although some parts of the ornamentation are still missing (war-damage?). Apparently, even some old Casparini-pipes remained: "Many authentic pipes as well as internal elements of organs are saved. Disposition (range of sounds and tones) was slightly modified in the 19th century by Silesian company Schlag & Söhne (probably some bowing sounds were added), but it does not differ much from the primary concept of the master." (Quoted from the site of the community of Wolow).

So much for the legend. And now for something completely different.

As no other information was available to me at the time of writing, I adhered to the above view of the history of this instrument.
However, Wolfgang Brylla (BRYLLA 2013) dived deep into the history of this instrument and came to the conclusion that only parts of the facade are remnants of the original Casparini instrument. A summary of the contents of his paper follows here:

The sad conclusion is inevitable: no pipework of Casparini remains in the organ of Wohlau.

Mr. H. Müller (Siegen) kindly attended me to the paper of Wolfgang Brylla, providing therewith detailed information of the history of this organ. Thanks to his kindness also, I obtained a recording from this organ (DUX 0520) made in 2005.

The stop-list is cited after HEYNE (1867: 504), but with changed stop-sequence. Meyer (1757: 101) also gives the stop-list of this organ.

Manual Brust-Positiv Pedal
Principal von Zinn 8 Principal von Zinn 4 Subbaß von Holtz 16
Quinta dena 8 Flöte Major 8 Octaven-Bass 8
Salicet 8 Flöte Minor 4 Quintennen-Bass 6
Octava 4 Gemshorn 3 Octaven-Bass 4
Quinta 3 Waldflötel 2 Posaunen-Bass 16
Zünck II
Mixtura III Kuckuck
Vox humana 8 Vogelgesang

Wohlau, Evangelische Kirche

Before the war, the organ had a nasty addition of 1866 on the organ case.

Wohlau, Evangelische Kirche