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Activities in Amsterdam - 6

1974 - 1986: Less frequent appearances in Amsterdam

After 1970, no commercial recordings were made of Eugen Jochum conducting the Concertgebouw Orchestra. The last commercial recording was that of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis.

The 1970-s saw regular appearances of Eugen Jochum conducting several interesting pieces (Britten, Hindemith, Reger). Currently, I'm busy collecting information about the concerts given in this period.

The 1980-s saw even less frequent appearances of Eugen Jochum in Amsterdam. The conductor was an absolute master of the orchestra now, he knew its history and all its resources. The members of the Concertgebouw Orkest in their turn respected and loved this kind and joyfull man, who was connected longer to the orchestra than any of the then current members itself.

Three concert sequences were given in these years, each of which is discussed on a separate web-page. In the near future, some more information will be included on these pages.

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