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Activities in Amsterdam - 4

1959 - 1963: The Japan tour of 1962

Concertgebouworkest arriving in Osaka, 1962

Press comments in Japan, 1962

From April 12 to May 2, 1962 the Concertgebouworkest is on tour to Japan. It turns out to be a real triumph. Comments in the press are enthousiastic (to say the least), see above and below. Of 15 concerts (5 in Osaka, 5 in Tokyo and 5 in other cities), Eugen Jochum conducts 8, Bernard Haitink 7.

Press comments in Japan, 1962

Eugen Jochum conducts three different programs during this tour selected from:

L. v. Beethoven Ouverture Egmont
L. von Beethoven Symphony nr. 7
J. Brahms Symphony nr. 4
A. Bruckner Symphony nr. 5
H. Kox Symfonie voor strijkers
W. A. Mozart Symphony nr. 33 KV 319
W. A. Mozart Symphony nr. 38 KV 504
R. Strauß Till Eulenspiegel opus 28
R. Wagner Vorspiel und Liebestod aus "Tristan und Isolde"
C. M. von Weber Ouverture "Oberon"

The reactions of the Japanese people to the visiting Concertgebouworkest are very kind, which are valued accordingly by both Bernard Haitink and Eugen Jochum, see below.

Eugen Jochum and Bernard Haitink in Japan, 1962

Eugen Jochum in Japan, 1962

Shortly after this tour, a short trip with the Concertgebouworkest was made to Vienna to celebrate the 150th birthday of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde during the Wiener Festwochen. Three concerts were given: Pierre Monteux, Bernard Haitink and Eugen Jochum each subsequently conducted one concert on 4, 6 and 7 June 1962. Eugen Jochum conducted Bruckner V.

As far as I know of, there are no recordings preserved of Eugen Jochum conducting the Concertgebouworkest during either the Japan tour or during the visit to Vienna.
Alas, no lasting remembrances of these great times, save as a set of photographs.

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