The Thomasschule in Leipzig

Leizpig, Thomasschule and Thomaskirche from the West


It was not a really nice building. But why did they have to demolish the place where Bach worked and lived? Was it not the best place for a Bach museum?


Leipzig, Thomasschule from the East


Leipzig, Thomasschule from the West


In most Bach - related books, only the engravings of the 18th century of the Thomasschule are used. The photographs shown here give a better impression of the dimensions of the building. Sebastian Bach and his family lived in the rooms situated behind the 3x3 set of windows seen above in the lower right corner of the building.


Leipzig, Komponierstube in the Thomasschule


The interior of the Thomasschule! Above the "Komponierstube", where Bach wrote his music during the Leipzig years. It was located on the west side of the building. On the floorplan below, it is marked with a "1". The photograph below is from the sleeping room of the boys of the school. On the floorplan below, it is marked with a "2".

Aren't we, admirers of Bach and his incomparable beautiful music, all dreaming of the opportunity of a Time - journey with destination 1749 (or so)? Walking through Leizig towards the Thomasschule, into the Thomasschule, into the room where the Director Musicus is working. There we find a respectable gentlemen (without his wig) writing music, underwhile talking to the other persons in the room. We look over his shoulder and read "Contrapuntus 4".


Leipzig, Thomasschule, Floorplan


Should anyone living at that time have guessed or known, that more than 250 years afterwards, this music would be played in the whole world? That bookshelves full of of literature would be written about this very man and his music? Maybe even Sebastian Bach himself would have been surprised....


Leipzig, Sleeping room for the Thomas alumni


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